Coronavirus updates

Dear Big Tree Family,

It is our desire to respond wisely to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and minimize its spread. Out of love and concern for everyone who attends, worships, participates with us, or uses our facilities for their parties; groups; or gatherings, we will be implementing multiple safety measures. This is particularly important as we seek to protect and care for those who are most vulnerable to the virus.  Please check here or our Facebook regularly for new updates.

March 28th UPDATE

Church services and gatherings are still cancelled at Big Tree. We hope everyone is finding ways to keep themselves busy while we are all apart. In an effort to remain connected, we are trying our best to ensure our Sunday morning service still happens every week online! Last Sunday we had approximately 75 people tuned in for the entire worship service. We are still gathering together, despite our distance. If you are able, reach out to people this week and connect with them. Let's make sure we are continuing to be the Church!

Sunday Service streams LIVE every Sunday morning at 10:45 AM

March 20th UPDATE

All gatherings and groups, including our Sunday service have been cancelled until further notice. Due to state and federal regulations/encouragements, we are taking every precaution to make sure our community stays healthy. Sunday morning services will stream LIVE on Facebook and on our website every Sunday at 10:45AM. We encourage you to stay home and keep your distance. We love you all, and we cannot wait until we can all worship together (in the same building) again. We are still the Church--we are still the family of God. We pray this time will encourage us to find new and creative ways to stay connected with one another. God bless you all!

march 16th update

In light of Erie County's state of emergency and school closings, we have made the following decisions regarding our groups and gatherings at the church. Our goal in all of this, is to be proactive in maintaining our community's safety and ensuring our ability to maintain our weekly Sunday service.

1. All Wednesday night activities for kids, teens, young adults, and adults have been cancelled until April 20th.

2. All Sunday School classes, normally held at 9:30 AM, are cancelled until April 1st, when we will re-evaluate this decision as more information becomes available. 

2. All groups, parties, or gatherings outside of our Sunday morning service are cancelled/postponed until April 20th.  

3. Our Sunday morning 10:45 AM church service will still be held weekly until otherwise announced. Our Facebook Live Stream will continue each week, and online giving is available here.  

march 14TH update

1. Our Sunday services will be held as scheduled for now. Anyone concerned or under the weather can/should use their discretion to stay home. 

2. Please refrain from shaking hands or hugging when arriving to service. Greeting one another with smiles and waves can help minimize the risk. You've heard of air guitar? Try an air high-five or fist bump.

3. In preparation for service, during and after there will be people wiping down entry areas, surfaces, and restrooms. So don't be offended if someone happens to polish a door knob after you've touched it. Please wash your hands frequently and use the hand sanitizer provided throughout the church. Restrooms have also been supplied with Clorox Wipes.

4. For those who choose to remain at home, we encourage you to join the Facebook Live Service which is always available on Sunday at 10:45AM. This online service goes live the moment service begins. You can even comment along and talk with one another while service happens.

Join us on Facebook - you DO NOT need to have a Facebook account to watch this service